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Culture & Values Engagement

Set the right tone for your organisation: Afon HR will work with you and your workforce to develop your vision, mission and values that will shape how you operate and the behavioural expectations that everyone will buy into. This lays the foundation and for your recruitment and development activities at all levels; plus, helping secure great employee engagement.

Our support can include:

  • Corporate culture audits and People Strategies
  • Developing the vision/mission/core values
  • Embedding the core values
  • Engagement Surveys and Action Plans


Leadership & Development Coaching

Whilst ‘leaders’ can exist at all levels, it is your senior managers, middle managers and team leaders who are the key to your success. You may not have looked at it in that way, but these people are the conduits between you, your strategy and the general workforce. Get these guys (unisex term) performing well and the differencewill be immense. Modest investment can bring huge return.

Our support can include:

  • Review of current management effectiveness
  • Development programmes for leaders and managers
  • Coaching for leaders
  • Introducing a Coaching Culture

Health & Wellbeing Inclusion

Why wouldn’t you want your employees to be healthy and well? Why shouldn’t you enable every individual to be themselves at work? In both cases, wouldn’t their
productivity be maximised? The business benefits are obvious, but what about your moral obligations as a good employer? This is also another feather in the cap of employee engagement and being valued as a great place to work.

Our support can include:

  • Implementing the principles of the Corporate Health Standard
  • Developing a strategy of targets and events
  • Establishing interest groups within the workplace
  • Training for managers and employees

Transformational Change

It’s a very well used cliché, but “change is the only constant” is pretty damn right. Your business must change, develop and evolve if it is to survive and thrive. People, particularly your managers, are once again, at the core of successful change, and even something like downsizing can be achieved in a humane and dignified way. If you are growing, then great, but even positive change needs careful handing – we can help you with that.


Our support can include:

  • Planning the Change
  • Preparing your managers to lead change
  • Redundancy Handling and Consultation